Members can connect to SGIX from any of the data centres below:

  • Global Switch (Tai Seng)
  • 1-Net East
  • Keppel Data Centre Singapore 1
  • Digital Realty Singapore (Jurong)
  • Telin-3 Data Centre
  • Equinix SG1 & SG3 (satellite node)


The table below shows the AS number, peering policy and port speed of all peering members.


Port SpeedTotal Port Count


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Member ASN Peering Policy Port Speed
1-Net Singapore Pte Ltd 9226 Selective 1G
AARNet 7575 Selective 10G
Advanced Wireless Network Co. Ltd 45430 Open 20G
Agora Communications Pte Ltd 56172 Open 1G
Akamai Technologies 20940 Open 20G
Alibaba 45102 Open 10G 16509 Open 40G
Apple Inc 714 Selective 100G
Apple Inc (2) 714 Selective 100G
Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd 55855 Open 10G
Atotech SEA Pte Ltd 136451 Open 1G
BB Connect Co. Ltd 45796 Open 10G
BGP Consultancy (BGPNET) 64050 Open 10G
BIGLOBE Inc. 2518 Selective 10G
Cato Networks 13150 Open 1G
CBN Networks 38158 Open 1G
CenturyLink - APAC 3908 Selective 1G
China Telecom (Singapore) Pte Ltd 4809 Open 10G
CITIC Telecom International CPC (Singapore) Pte Ltd 5017 Open 1G
Cloudflare 13335 Open 20G
CommunityDNS 42909 Open 1G
DigitalOcean 14061 Open 40G
Dropbox 19679 Open 10G
eBay 62955 Open 10G
Epsilon Telecommunication 44356 Open 100M
Facebook 32934 Selective 10G
Facebook (2) 32934 Selective 10G
Fast CDN 136764 Open 1G
FPT Telecom 18403 Open 10G
Globe Telecom 4775 Open 20G
Google 15169 Selective 10G
HBO Asia 135278 Open 10G
HBO Asia (2) 135278 Open 10G
HTC International Telecommunication (HTC-ITC) 24088 Open 1G
Hurricane Electric 6939 Open 10G
Internap 29791 Selective 10G
IPTP Networks 41095 Selective 10G
Lazada South East Asia 134171 Open 10G
LeaseWeb Network 16265 Open 10G
LGA Telecom Pte Ltd 10024 Open 10G
M1 Ltd 4773 Open 20G
M1 Net Ltd 17547 Open 10G
Media Access International 131744 Open 100M
Microsoft 8075 Open 30G
MyRepublic Ltd 132132 Open 10G
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) 9419 Open 10G
National University of Singapore (NUS) 7610 Open 10G
NAVER 23576 Open 10G
Netflix 2906 Open 10G
Netflix (2) 2906 Open 10G
Netpluz Asia Pte Ltd 134078 Open 1G
NeuroTEN Pte Ltd 134663 Open 1G
NewMedia Express Pte Ltd 38001 Open 10G
Nucleus Connect 45938 Selective 100M
OpenMirrors 45494 Open 1G
OVH 16276 Open 10G
Pacific Internet 4628 Open 10G
Packet Clearing House 3856 Open 1G
PLDT 9299 Open 10G
PT Aplikanusa Lintasarta 4800 Open 1G
PT BIT Teknologi Nusantara 136838 Open 10G
PT Digital Satellite Indonesia (DIGISAT) 24538 Open 1G
PT Link Net Tbk (Linknet) 7632 Open 10G
PT Mora Telematika Indonesia (Moratelindo) 23947 Open 10G
PT NAP Info Lintas Nusa (Matrix Networks) 55818 Open 10G
Reliance Jio Infocomm Pte Ltd 64049 Open 20G
Reliance Jio Infocomm Pte Ltd (2) 64049 Open 20G
SG.GS 24482 Open 10G
SGIX 132696 Open 1G
SimplerCloud 132816 Open 100M
SingAREN 23855 Selective 1G
SingNet 3758 Selective 1G
SkyCable Corporation 23944 Open 10G
StackPath (Highwinds) 33438 Open 20G
Starry Network Limited 134835 Open 1G
SuperInternet ACCESS Pte Ltd 4844 Open 10G
Swisscom 3303 Selective 1G
Tata Communications International Pte Ltd 6421 Selective 1G
Telegram Messenger 62014 Open 10G
Telekom Malaysia (S) Pte Ltd 4788 Selective 10G
Telekomunikasi Indonesia International Pte Ltd (Telin) 7713 Open 10G
Telekomunikasi Indonesia International Pte Ltd (Telin) (2) 7713 Open 10G
Telekomunikasi Indonesia International Pte Ltd (Telin) (3) 56308 Open 10G
Teleneut Datacenters Limited 136945 Open 1G
TIME DotCom Bhd 9930 Open 10G
True Internet Corporation Co. Ltd 38082 Open 10G
USONYX 38532 Open 1G
Valve Corporation 32590 Open 20G
Valve Corporation (2) 32590 Open 20G
Verisign Inc 26415 Open 10G
ViewQwest Pte Ltd 18106 Open 10G
Virtutel Pty Ltd 24516 Open 1G
VTelecoms Bhd 132837 Open 1G
Wizlearn Technologies Pte Ltd 58718 Open 100M
WoodyNet 42 Open 10G
Yahoo! 10310 Open 20G
Yahoo! (2) 10310 Open 20G
Youzu (Singapore) Pte Ltd 135365 Open 1G