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Planned Maintenance on 10-Nov-2019

Please take note our local-loop transport provider will be conducting a maintenance to
replace their equipment in Equinix SG1. As such, a subset of members connecting from
Equinix SG1/SG3 will be affected by this maintenance. In addition, members currently
on 1G port will also require to disable link auto-negotiation after maintenance.

Below are the maintenance details and list of members affected.

Start : 10-Nov-2019 0400hrs (GMT+8)
End  : 10-Nov-2019 0800hrs (GMT+8)

  1. The following SGIX members are affected by this maintenance:
    • Dropbox
    • Telekom Malaysia
    • Valve Corporation(2)
    • NAVER
    • CBN Internet
    • Cato Networks (Disable link auto-negotiation after maintenance)
    • eBay
    • DigitalOcean
    • PLDT
    • Virtela Tech (Disable link auto-negotiation after maintenance)
    • Campana
    • Borwood (Disable link auto-negotiation after maintenance)
    • Summit Communications
    • RelianceJio
    • Triple T Internet
  2. How you will be affected.
    • Service impact duration is approximately 2 hour.
    • Affected member interface and BGP sessions will be down.
    • Other SGIX members who have direct peering with those affected members will notice their BGP session going down.
    • The following members on 1G interface will need to disable link auto-negotiation after the maintenance:
      • Cato Networks
      • Virtela Tech
      • Borwood

For clarifications, please email
For assistance or support during the maintenance, please email