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Port Speed Transceivers, Connector Type Speed Duplex Cable Type
100G LR4, LC Connector Auto SMF
10G LR, LC Connector Auto SMF
1G LX/LH, LC Connector Auto SMF

For port pricing information, please email us at info@sgix.sg.

Router connected directly to SGIX

Using a router to connect to SGIX is the preferred design and below is the recommended router interface configuration (Cisco IOS). Member need to adapt this configuration to their respective platform when connecting to SGIX fabric.

GigabitEthernet X/X/X
  description Facing SGIX Port
  ip address <your_allocated_ipv4_address>
  ipv6 address <your_allocated_ipv6_address> 
  no cdp enable
  no mop enable
  no ip mask-reply
  no ip proxy-arp
  no ip redirects
  no ip directed-broadcast
  no ip unreachables
  no keepalive
  ipv6 nd ra suppress all
  ipv6 nd prefix default no-advertise

Router connected to SGIX via an Intermediate Switch

The intermediate switch connecting both the BGP router and SGIX MUST have a dedicated vlan with no other additional devices in that vlan. SGIX only allow one MAC address per member port. Below is the recommended switch port configuration facing SGIX. If bpdufilter feature is not available in your platform, we recommend that member disable spanning-tree on the dedicated vlan.

vlan XXX
  name SGIX

GigabitEthernet X/X/X
  description Facing SGIX Port
  switchport mode access
  switchport access vlan XXX
  switchport nonegotiate
  spanning-tree bpdufilter enable
  no keepalive
  no cdp enable
  no lldp receive
  no lldp transmit
  no udld enable