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Public Peering

Members can connect to Singapore IX using one of more physical connections and reach many other peers on the peering fabric, thus optimizing the cost per peer when exchanging traffic between different networks. Ports available are 100M, 1G, 10G and 100G for traffic exchange.

Private Peering

Members can choose to establish private peering among themselves via a dedicated VLAN over Singapore IX infrastructure. The private peering VLAN can be implemented either on a dedicated port or on an existing port with (802.1) Q-tagging. Singapore IX does not assign IP addresses in the private peering VLAN and prohibit multiple MAX addresses on the port.

Closed User Group

Singapore IX offers Closed User Group (CUG) service that allow 3 or more members to exchange IP traffic via a dedicated VLAN over SGIX infrastructure. This VLAN interconnects CUG members ports and allow them to indicate whether the CUG VLAN is for dedicated ports or via a Q-tagging solution. For closed user group service, members should assign their own IP address to the router interface.

Note: Peering members can implement their own preferred Peering Policy (Open Peering or Selective Peering) when connected to Singapore IX.