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Members can connect to SGIX using one or more physical connections and reach many other peers on the peering fabric, thus optimizing the cost per peer when exchanging traffic between different networks. Port size available are 1G, 10G and 100G for traffic exchange. Subject to resource availability and operations approval, members may request for up to 2 IP addresses per ASN if connecting from 2 different locations and with both ports at 10G and above.


Members can implement OPEN or SELECTIVE peering policy or a combination of both where different sets of prefixes are announced to OPEN and SELECTIVE peering group.

SELECTIVE Peering Policy
Also known as Bi-Lateral Peering (BLP) policy where member negotiate with other members in the Exchange to setup direct BGP peering according to their own requirements.

OPEN Peering Policy
Also known as Multi-Lateral Peering (MLP) policy. Instead of negotiating with individual member in the Exchange for direct BGP peering, member can setup a single BGP session with SGIX Route-Servers (RS1 & RS2) to announce and received prefixes from all other members with similar peering policy. Member can control their prefixes announcement to other members by tagging them with SGIX BGP communities. By default, SGIX Route-Servers will advertise your prefixes to all peers.