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SGIX operates two route servers (RS) in Singapore. Once peered with the RS, there is no need to maintain multiple BGP sessions with other members.

Please note the following when peering with RS

  1. Remove private ASN in the prefix advertisement
  2. Prefixes stated in RFC 1918 should be removed.
  3. Disable check on first-ASN. This may be applicable to Huawei (“undo check-first-as”) and Cisco equipment (“no bgp enforce-first-as”)
  4. RS accepts a maximum of 100 IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes by default.


  1. Members are advised to peer with both route servers.
  2. Members can choose to establish or maintain bi-lateral peering arrangement with other members.
  3. Members agree not to hold SGIX responsible for any impact on traffic flow due to policies request configured at RS by other members.
BGP Communities
SGIX RS support BGP standard community attributes. Besides the well-known community like NO_EXPORT and NO_ADVERTISE, the following table shows other supported attributes and the top-down evaluation order.
0:55518 Block announcement of prefixes to all ASN
0:ASN Block announcement of prefixes to this ASN only
55518:ASN Announce prefixes to this ASN only

Prefixes which are untagged will be advertised to all RS peers. Attributes that do not match SGIX’s attributes will be passed on transparently.

For members having 4-byte ASN, they will be mapped to private ASNs. Hence, prefixes announcement are still possible to be manipulated using standard community strings.